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and falcon nine. the independent safety review of rocket options and issued by nasa, the report states that the ares 1 launch nickel is the safest large option and it is superior to all other options. what other options have on the falcon mind? >> we will get what information we have. my comment to people over the last week specifically when asked by senator hatch, my gut tells me that ares would be safer than anything else but that is not what that data says. i will furnish the data. >> the latest plan restructure's b o'brien capsule -- orion rocket with an escape pods. we will pay the russians bought four round-trip. we will pay for a commercial rocket. we will now pay to build our own return explain this to me. >> the restructuring of the orion program should be an incremental approach to a vehicle that will take us to the moon and mars and beyond. we need to have a domestically- produced capability to get crews back and forth to the international space station. the original version that the president talked about last week would be a vehicle that we could get their much quicker tha
prepared. but we caught up very quickly. president eisenhower signed legislation to create nasa and invest in science and math education from grade school to graduate school. in 1961, president kennedy bowl declared before congress the united states would send a man to the moon and return him safely within a decade. as a nation, we met that goal, reaping the we wards that touch every facet of our lives. nasa was at the forefront. many gave their careers to the effort. some had given far more. the years that have followed, the space race inspired a generation of scientist and innovators, including i'm sure many of you. it contributed to immeasurable advances i am approaching your health and well-being from satellite navigation, water purification and medical imaging. during a meeting before i came out on stage, somebody said it's more than tang and i pointed out i liked tang. that was very cool. leading the world to space helped america achieve new heights of prosperity on earth while demonstrating the power of a free, open society, to harness the ingenuity of his people. i have been part o
of the aerospace safety advisory panel, the nasa advisory panel that advises me. when i was a member of that panel as john frost will testify after me, we were concerned that nasa was not sharing its human reading requirements with the vendors. i think and i hope mr. frost will attest to the fact that since my becoming the nasa breeding standard with all the perspectives unders whether small or large business commode entrepreneurial or not. we are actually developing a human rating requirements for commercial vehicles that will take the massive number of engineering requirement and various other requirements and put them in one source document that would be able for all who wish to enter the commercial launch market. in terms of safety. safety and reliability are very interesting factors. and when i talk about safety of the vehicle and testing myself that the vehicle is safe commentary number of criteria that have to be met. the number one criteria is demonstrated lability. and i would point out that we have three candidates vehicles at the present time. ares one, d-delta nine and taurus two. to d
shunned as a pseudoscience. what is it that has suddenly kindled the interest of nasa and the u.s. congress in the search for intelligent life beyond earth? we'll ask dr. christopher chyba of the seti institute. chyba of the seti institute. (theme song playing.) if. for such a small word it packs a wallop. if i live to a hundred. if social security isn't enough. if my heart gets broken. if she says yes. we believe if should never hold you back. if should be managed with a plan that builds on what you already have. together we can create a personal safety net, a launching pad, for all those brilliant ifs in the middle of life. you can call on our expertise and get guarantees for the if in life. after all, we're metlife. >> dr. christopher chyba, welcome. >> thank you. >> tell us about the seti institute. what is it? >> it is a private nonprofit research organization that is interested in the other gin and distributions of life in the universe. >> how does it function technically? >> we have three main areas. one is education and public outreach. that is largely funded by the nati
by being extremely clear. i am 100% committed to the mission of nasa and its future. [ applause ] because broadening our capabilities in space will continue to serve our society in ways we can scarcely imagine. because exploration will once more inspire wonder in a new generation, sparking passions and launching careers, and because ultimately if we fail to press forward in the pursuit of discovery we are ceding our future and that essential element of the american character. now, i know there have been a number of questions raised about my administration's plan for space exploration especially in this part of florida where so many rely on nasa as a source of income as well as a source of pride and community. these questions come at a time of transition. as the space shuttle nears its scheduled retirement after almost 30 years of service. and understandably this adds to the worries of folks concerned not only about their own futures but about the future of the space program to which they've devoted their lives. but i also know that underlying these concerns is a deeper worry, one that pre
service. in a few moment, president obama outlined his plans for nasa. after that, senator joe lieberman on a preliminary report. and later, a news conference with leaders of the tea party express from this year's congressional election. >> c-span, public affairs content available on television, radio, an online. the also connect with us on twitter, facebook, and youtube. >> president obama talked about the plan to cut back on planned missions to the moon, relying more on private companies to transport astronauts. he was at the kennedy space center and was introduced by senator bill nelson. this is 40 minutes. >> the man i am about to introduce is a patriot, a leader, and a visionary. he is also someone who knows the importance of america being a leader in science and technology through space exploration. he has been there, done that. he is a marine general, an aviator, a test pilot, flying more than 100 missions in vietnam. i have known him the better part of a quarter of a century. on our space flight, i trusted him with my life and i would do so again. ladies and gentlemen, the admini
's gone up into space when nasa, and they did it, that was a lobbying program. jake gardener from utah. >> that was nasa's attempt to keep its budget. nasa's very good at politicking here. >> they used to be, but over the past five, six years, they haven't been good. i had another conversation with buzz aldrin. this consolation program, the fact that that's getting killed essentially and they're going to try to do something else, if it had been funded the way it was recommended, would they be killing it now and it's unlikely that they would be, but the fact is, this is where they are and you presented a good point here, this is a political issue for the president. but on the policy front, when you look at the debt and these other spending issues, these are the tough decisions that they're trying to make and now, the president's going there, trying to come up with a compromise. offering help to laid off nasa workers, saying we're going to speed up this program, get these rockets up here. but you're going down to a fundamental question, which is why -- should there be any privatization w
investment of 6 billion nasa science, aeronautics and enabling technologies over the next five years compared with last year's plan. .. >> that are critical to enable next generation space light. earth sensing and air -- aeronautics capabilities. they will spur new businesses such as the recently announced partnership between nasa and general me -- motors robot, r2. i want to thank all of the nasa employees and contractor who's have worked so hard on the program. their commitment has brought great value to the our agency and the nation. they will continue to play a pivotal role in nasa's future. many of the things nasa has learned from the constellation program. as the crew escape vehicle and test vehicle from lower vehicles. however, as the augustine committee continued, if we continue on our current course, we will have to make deeper cuts to the nasa budget. terminating national space station early and reducing aeronautics. the constellation enables us for the 2010 budget that includes demonstration and development program that allow us with our international and commercial partners and ot
for a scheduled alert e-mails at >> next come a senate hearing on nasa's annual budget. the president's proposal to congress request $19 billion for fiscal year 2011. under his plan, the space program would discontinue lunar missions and instead focus on sending astronaut to myers and further into the solar system. barbara mikulski chairs the subcommission hearing. it's just under two hours. >> i'm very interested including our good senator from utah, senator hatch, born the nasa's nasa's -- at the national space agencies fiscal year 2011 budget. i would like to make my opening remarks turned to my colleagues and then senator hatch to you. is that agreeable, senator? >> of course it is. >> i know the judiciary committee is meeting. well, we're going to be welcoming administrator bolden, of course our colleague, senator hatch and then mr. john frost, a member of the nasa aerospace safety advisory panel who will be speaking to the committee, to ensure that no matter where we decide, we ensure the safety of the astronauts. the 2011 nasa budget is $19 billion, $276 million more than 2010.
, a hearing on nasa's budget. when mrs. incluse former officers of both companies. that is live here on c-span at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> i think there is a huge black of knowledge about how this town works. >> aegis have to do the work yourself. >> this weekend, richard norton smith and douglas brinkley will talk about their work, their books, and their profession. >> all this month, see the winners of c-span's studentscam competition. they submitted the ideas on one of the country's greatest strengths or a challenge. what the top winning videos every morning on c-span at 60 a.m. eastern. but a 30 a.m. during the program, meet the students to make them. the house on thursday voted to send a bill imposing additional iran sanctions to negotiations with the senate. members debated the issue for a little more than in the dollar. ized. ms. ros-lehtinen: thank you. mr. speaker, this motion comes at a critical time in our effort to prevent iran from dealing a devastating blow to the security of our nation, the security of our closest allies, and to global security and stability. the gravest thre
>>> making news on this thursday, april 15th. nasa's future. with the shuttle program about to come to an end, what's next for the space program? >>> president obama and the republicans, going toe-to-toe, over changing the way wall street does business. >>> china's earthquake zone. hundreds dead, thousands injured. and our reporter is right in the middle of it. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us on this thursday. tax day. president obama travels to the kennedy space center later today, to lay out his vision for america's future in space. >> his plan is a major revision of previous policy and is already drawing criticism from some of the nation's past heroes in space. t.j. winick joins us from washington with details. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. under the president's plan, nasa will encourage private companies to build their own spaceships to ferry astronauts to the international space station. under the bush administration, nasa's goal was to send an american astronaut to the moon for a seventh time. the obama administration wants, instead, focus on
inside. and nasa prepares to launch what will be one of the last space shuttle missions. >> hello, it's not going them middle east peace process, israel starting a retaliation for rock attacks on israel by palestinian militants. nearly 20 rockets have been fired into israel. four of the israeli air strikes took place near where two israeli soldiers were killed. >> these men in gaza were shouting overfight israeli launch ad number of air strikes in depazza. they say there were 10 raids all together and three children were injured. palestinian officials dispute the targets saying it was dairy factory that was hit. >> and rocks have land indeed israel. one of the missiles killed a worker on this farm. last week two israeli soldiers and two palestinian gunmen died after the army staged a brief incursion into gaza. the army says it was pursuing militants attempting to lay bombs along the border. this has been the most intense bout of violence since israel law firmed its major offensive inside gaza just over a year ago. the united fages says in in that three-week conflict -- the israelis sa
. in an hour-and-a-half, president obama outlined his plan for nasa and the future of human space flight. after that, and breathing on the investigation into the fort hood in shootings with senators joe lieberman. later, we will retire the news conference with leaders of the group to party express. >> on "washington journal" we will give the congressional agenda with sheriff brown of ohio. robert sloan is the author of an article that says wall street is the key to democracy. more about the future of nasa from scott case. it is live on c-span every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern. a couple of offense to tell you about tomorrow morning. the senate judiciary committee holds a hearing on judicial nominations. this is here on c-span at 10:00 eastern. live on c-span centers continued their examination of the rule of banking regulators in the collapse of washington need to a bank. this is include representatives of the deposit corporation. >> this weekend, panels on global security in the world water supply. also, william cohen. his book is "no one would listen." find the entire weekend schedule at booktv.o
. it shifts manned missions to the space station from nasa to commercial companies, which claim they can do it cheaper, sooner, and more reliably. the president spoke about the change this week. >> this is precisely by investing in groundbreaking research and innovative companies that we will have the potential to rapidly transform our capabilities. >> reporter: while the big aerospace contractors who were part of constellation may compete for the new work, other potential winners include newer companies like space-x, the latelate est startup for ian musk. musk created pay pal, the online payment system. and an electric sports car, the tesla. he's a politically connected billionaire whose contributed to both parties and co-sponsored an inaugural bash for president obama. on thursday, he was on hand to cape canaveral to greet the president and show off his falcon 9 rocket. >> i hope space-x will be one of the principle means by which nasa astronauts go to space. >> reporter: the bush administration gave space-x a nasa contract to carry cargo into space. musk says his rocket and dragon capsul
announcement about nasa's new mission. we have bill nye the science guy joining us with his take. >>> the power of prayer, a man finds an 11-year-old girl after four days lost in a florida swamp. he says his priers were answered, literally. i thought i was invincible. i'm on an aspirin regimen now because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. talk to your doctor, and take care of what you have to take care of. >>> president obama is heading to cape can averal, florida. the move comes during tough times for nasa. other cuts will mean thousands of layoffs. ali velshi now. >> this isn't really the end of the final frontier. this will allow nasa to go into another frontier. let me show why things are changing. in 2010, the budget w$2010, the billion, 2011, it's going up to $19 billion. over the next five years, $100 billion is going to be spent on space exploration, but it's exploration more than transportation. what this administration wants to do is see if they can go into other frontiers, maybe getting
not unproven that there is anything wrong with the cars yet. with nasa and the national academy of sciences -- if they do not find anything, will there be an apology made? will the fine be refunded? thank you for taking my call. >> that is a great and complex question. i will try to dissected into its parts. i will take the last one first. it is not just a toyota issue, with respect to the complaints about sudden unintended acceleration. it goes back to the '80s. everybody remembers the old audis and the mechanisms of acceleration were different then. they got outside experts sort of like that are doing now. the developed something called the silver book. it is a comprehensive look of what was going on in those situations. there were never able to find a defect with the vehicle. they did find that many of these were caused by driver error. i think there was a sort of systematic feeling at nhtsa that most of these things were driver error until proven otherwise. with respect to the question about toyota and bmw -- up until recently, another manufacturer was in the lead in complaints about su
constellation, at least in the short term, and with it potentially a lot of jobs. so nasa can focus on going to mars. from the mercury missions to gemini, apollo and the space shuttle, nasa has been launching astronauts into space for nearly 50 years. leaving a legacy beyond moon and space walks, huge advancements in computer technology, communications, and medicine. now, some of nasa's icons are blasting president obama's plans to abandon the next generation constellation rocket program in which nasa already invested $10 billion, and hand over mad manned missions to the space station to private companies. in an unprecedented statement to nbc news, commanders neil armstrong, james lovell and gene cernan write, "it destines our nation to become a separate or third-rate stature." in a separate letter to president obama, more of nasa space heroes, among them, carpenter, haise and kranz write, "we are very concerned about america ceding its global leadership to space technology to other nations." the new chief is veteran restaurant charles boldin. he ran into trouble recently when he told congre
machine at the 19th annual nasa robotics championship in atlanta. more than 500 robots are competing. teams of students from all over the country designed them and act as pit crews. nasa gives away the money to the best teams. >>> some kids in new york got a chance to play surgeon for a day. these fifth graders spent the entire week at a mini medical school. they built their own human body with paper, sponges and candy. the surgery they practiced was a heart transplant. >> i learned that if you smoke, your lungs could turn black and cue have a short life. >> we learned about the human body and all the different parts of it. i kind of like that. because you save people's lives. >> the school says it plans to continue teaching and may expand it to include third and fourth graders. it's sponsored by the nyu school of medicine. >>> he too was once an idol wannabe. now adam lambert is putting this experience to good use. >>> we had sunshine today but some strong winds and it was cool outside. take a look at the temperatures. for tonight right now 48 degrees at d.c. 47 at dulles. 45 at fre
. >>> astronauts at odds over president obama's space program as he gets ready to lift off for a big speech at nasa. >>> eight was apparently enough for tv host larry king. his seventh wife now filing divorce amid reports he had an affair with her sister. >>> sudden impact. a stunt pilot plunges into a river after trying a knife-edge turn. we'll have that miracle escape. >>> we begin with president obama heading to nasa today. he's there to lay out and defend his vision for the future of america's space program. with the shuttle fleet set to be grounded, the new plan is getting a chilly reception from thousands of agency workers. and it's causing a split among some of nasa's biggest heroes. in an open letter to the president, neil armstrong warning, quote, without the skill and experience that actual spacecraft operation provides, the usa is far too likely to be on a long downhill slide to mediocrity. but just moments ago his former colleague, buzz aldrin, telling "the daily rundown" that would never happen. >> i don't believe the american people would stand for that, no matter who the president is
to overhaul nasa. he's canceling current programs and laying out new goals. today at the kennedy space center he predicted the nation would have new spacecraft designed for long space journeys by 2025. he also believes nasa can send humans to orbit mars by the 2030s but some former astronauts are criticizing the president's move. >> reporter: standing near the launch pads of the kennedy space center, president barack obama stressed take america will still have adventures in space, even though he's retiring the current space shuttle sleet and canceling the constellation program to send astronauts to the moon. >> i am 100% committed to the mission of nasa and its future. >> reporter: the president wants to increase nasa's budget by $6 billion over the next five years and refocus its mission on research and deep space development. he also plans to extend the life of the space station by five years but rely on russians and private companies to get there. >> we will actually reach space faster and more often under this new plan in ways that will help us improve our technologically capacity and low
for nasa. and celebrating one of fashion's icons, more than 50 years after she stepped down in style, grace kelly in the spotlight again. >>> air travel across northern europe has been hugely disruptive by the ash clouds from an erupting volcano in iceland. half of all trans-atlantic flights are expected to be canceled friday. because of the danger that the cloud could bring down aircraft, the u.k. has closed its airspace to everything except emergency services. similar restrictions have grounded airplanes across europe. thousands of passengers had their travel plans bract. this report from peter biles. >> an unprecedented site, all but emergency flights in and out of the united kingdom ground. the risk posed by the all stannic a volcanic eruption has forced -- by the islamic volcanic eruption has forced drastic measures. in france, the airports were all affected. >> essentially, it means another night in paris. it is a little bit of a pain. >> throughout the day, more and more flights have been canceled. this was the scene in stockholm, the scandinavian airline grounded more than 600 fligh
with nasa, president obama that's the side show. you're watching "hardball" on msnbc. [ tires screech ] ♪ [ sighs ] ♪ that's two for doubting. [ chuckles ] you hit like my sister. really? i'd like to meet her. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen cc. award-winning design starting under $28,000. it's a whole new volkswagen, and a whole new game. does two jobs... at once. one: kills weeds to the root. two: forms a barrier, preventing new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control. >>> back to "hardball" for the side show. stephen colbert brings nasa to its logical conclusion. >> he's really catching major heat over cutting funding for nasa. i just wish there was some way to tie health care to nasa. >> to tie health care, by the way, to nasa. >> yes? >> this health care bill is bad for america. and now you have another theme here, you know, is what the president doing here bad for america in terms of space exploration? >> what's health care got to do with the space program? two words, barack obama. his critics just like hitting his agenda as bad for america. why, you bother to
plan for nasa is a good thing. is it or isn't it? we're going to discuss that. >>> the future of the space program is one of oir big stories today. less than two hours away from president obama talking to space workers about his five-year plan or space exploration. this is contentioucontentious. let me give you background. with the 2011 budget it's going away. the constellation program that was slated to take the u.s. back to the moon is also going away. thousands of jobs are in jeopardy. let's talk about what we're getting. in fact, nasa will have a bigger budget. the president says we'll g b. getting greater innovation, more astronaut time in space, more rockets that launch sooner and a more sustainable space program. basically, he wants to use private companies to ferry astronauts to the space station. he wants basically private companies to provide taxi services and have nasa focus more on moving from the moon to deep space exploration. one of the big issues on the table for nasa's budget is this push, to privatize the way astronauts get into space. this is why. the huge c
and technology on this show. as of 2011 nasa will no longer be using the iconic space shut to get people into space. it's all because of this. 2011 budget sent down by president obama. nasa has $19 billion to work with. and that includes zero for the space shuttle program. that's actually up by fr last year's $13 billion. and over the next five years, $100 billion will be used, mostly for deep space exploration. not the kind of thing the shuttle does. and for scientific development. this is why. the huge cost of sending astronauts into sfapace. there are only three more launches. it costs nasa $65 million per astronaut for one mission into space. by the way, russia can do it cheaper. it's $50 million per astronaut. according to the president of space ex, a private spaceflight company, he can do it for just $20 million an astronaut. privatizing space travel might be the way to go. just this morning astronaut tracey dyson held a press conference from space and listen to her. >> we have quite a bit of confidence in the soyuz that brought us here. there's enough room in each soyuz to bring u
that story for you in the "newsroom." uncertain times for nasa workers. >> what is next for all of those that work to keep it flying? we'll hear one man's personal challenge next in the cnn "newsroom." a we don't go lower than $130.ts a room tonight for 65 dollars. big deal, persuade him. okay. $65 for tonight. you can't argue with a big deal. we're so sure priceline has the biggest hotel deals, we're announcing the big deal guarantee. book a hotel with name your own price, and if you can find a lower published price anywhere else, we'll match it and pay you 25 dollars. book now, big deal days won't last long. at priceline. >>> exploration and inspiration. 49 years ago president kennedy envisioned man on the moon. tomorrow president obama heads for the kennedy space center to talk about his vision for the final frontier. a white house official tells cnn it includes, let's see here, there you go, $6 billion in new funding. thousands of new jobs and modernizing the space center in florida. he also wants to revamp the orion capsule designed to ferry crews from the space station. plus, he w
-span, the future of nasa and u.s. leadership in human space flight. first remarks from president obama followed by republican senator kay bailey hutcheson. >> sunday, author and new york daily news columnist stanley crouch. that is at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. this weekend, the first of three british election debates for the first time, prime minister gordon brown conservative party leader david cameron, a liberal democrat leader nick clegg face- off in debates. watch them in their entirety for three consecutive weekends. >> remarks from president obama on the future of nasa and u.s. leadership in human space flight. first-come introductory comments from the chair of the science and space subcommittee senator bill nelson of florida. this is about 35 minutes. >> >> the man i am about to introduce is a patriot, leader, and a visionary. he is also someone who knows the importance of america being the leader in science and technology through space exploration. he has been there, done that. he is a marine general, aviator, a test pilot who flew more than 100 missions in vietnam. he is an astronau
, which we all know as nasa. even though colorado doesn't have a nasa facility, this proposed budget and the major changes to nasa's direction included in it have major implications for thousands of coloradans. mr. udall: madam president, i was the chairman on the house side of the space subcommittee and i know what space means to colorado. i know what it means to our nation. yesterday senator bennett and i had the opportunity to meet with nasa administrator, former general and now administrator charlie bolden to urge him to reevaluate the decision included in the president's budget request for nasa to terminate the constellation program. this program is developing the successor to the retiring space shuttle known as the orion capsule and the aries rocket. those two technologies will be teamed up in the planning that was brought together. now, we had a frank and productive discussion with administrator bolden. senator bennett and i discussed with him the importance of this program especially of the orion capsule to jobs in colorado and more importantly in space. general bolden assure
inside nasa and its elite corps of former astronauts. facing steep opposition to its plan, the white house announced modifications yesterday. still apollo commanders neil armstrong, gene cernan and james lovell remain opposed. >> we are merely going to be subservient to other countries going forward. >> reporter: fellow apollo 11 astronaut buzz aldrin says not so. >> america will be a space leader. that is the overall purpose of all of my suggestions to nasa. >> reporter: with the space shuttle's retiring this fall, nasa will rely on the russians to ferry astronauts to the space station for roughly five years. nasa spent at least $9 billion to build the next generation of spacecraft called the constellation. the new obama plan scraps constellation after experts said it was behind schedule, under funded and unfeasible. instead they would hand over flights to the space station to private business. increase nasa's funding to research new technologies. in 2015, decide on a new rocket design to one day carry astronauts to the moon and perhaps eventually mars. >> what the president has don
to look at and try to find out one way or the other. the transportation department is asking nasa and the national academy of sciences to come on board. are they admitting they do not have the resources to look into today's modern cars? >> you are right. they are. they have a few people with experience but they do not have the amount of -- the things you look at, mechanical problems in cars -- the agency has generally shied away from doing a lot of electronics. the look at this issue in 1986. in 1989 the wrote a long report and thought they put it to bed. for decades, these issues have popped up. in the late nineties there were issues about jeeps in car washes and whether there were electronic searches. i think the agency has not necessarily put a lot of stock in electronics issues. now they say they are going to bring topflight experts in -- nasa to look at electromagnetic radiation or outside forces. they are not electronics experts at nhtsa. there is so much concern in congress and elsewhere they're going to the world's best for an answer. we're not going to get the definitive
to an end, t.j. winnick takes a look at what's next for nasa. >> reporter: under the bush administration, nasa's goal was to send an american astronaut to the moon for a 7th time. the obama administration wants to instead focus on getting to mars. today in cape canaveral florida at the kennedy space center, the president will unveil his plan to take nasa in a new direction. >> what the president will outline represents our best opportunity and our best effort uh, to get this agency and program back on pace to put astronauts and rockets into space uh, as the president strongly desires. >> reporter: while neil armstrong has publically criticized the president's plan, buzz aldrin supports the changes. >> i agree we should set our sights much higher than just returning to the moon. that's not america. america leads and should be leading in space. >> reporter: in addition to a $6 billion boost for nasa already announced, president obama is expected to reveal a new heavy lift rocket development program. there's the $40 billion initiative to help the florida coast transform its economy and a pl
changes for the future of nasa. >> it is me. it is me. >> it is a call that no one wants to get. a 911 call takes a personal twist. new details of l theexus warning. toyota is taking >>> rescue workers are pulling more survivors and bodies from the rubble in western china. more than 600 people are dead after an earthquake there. rescue workers are fighting gusty winds. they're fighting all of that while they try to work. >>> the state department says russia is not suspending american adoption. report circulated after comments from russia's foreign minister. that is after a woman sent a seven-year-old adopted son back to russia on a plane by himself. >>> a plan to change the future of nasa is being hotly debated today. president obama will unveil his new vision and his plan includes planning nasa's mission to send an american back to the bone -- to the moon. >> i should have a plan b. i did not yet. i could be an aircraft mechanic. maybe i will drive a truck. >> there is a cliff and we're not sure what is on the other side. >>> the obama whitehouse says the moon mission was behind sched
will travel to the kennedy space center in florida to lay out his plans for nasa. kate amara has a preview. >> good morning stan. president obama is looking to shift nasa's focus back to science and put the private sect err in the driver's seat in space exploration. >> it's mission accomplished as the crew of the space shuttle discovery. conducts its final space walk. back here on earth it's mission uncertain. president barack obama wants to cut nasa's constellation back to budget. they want to shift it back to research and development. >> what the president will outline represents our best opportunity and our best effort to get this agency and program back on pace to put astronauts and rockets into space. >> under the president's plan when it comes to exploreing the universe, commercial firms will be the ones building rocket that is carry cargo and astronauts into space leaving some to question how many shuttle-related jobs could be lost. >> i know that members of the nasa family and everyone living in communities that directly support the space program are at the very least uncertain abo
obama lays out his vision nor nasa's future. >>> president obama is unveiling a new plan to overhaul the u.s. space program. he is canceling current programs and laying out new goals including a goal to send astronauts to mars. as fox 5 jennifer davis reports, some astronauts are criticizing the president's move. >> reporter: president obama stressed they will. [ inaudible ] >> i am 100% committed to the mission of nasa and its future. >> reporter: the president wants continue to crease nasa's budget by 6 billion over the next five years and refocus its mission on research and deep space development and extend the life of the space station by five years but rely on russians and private companies to get there. >> we will reach space faster and more often under the new plan in ways that will help us improve our technological capacity and lower the costs. >> reporter: former astronaut buzz aldrin flew to florida for the announcement and is on board with the space plan. but other astronauts including neil armstrong say the president will drain nasa's talent. >> without a challenging goal
jobs and new funding for nasa will ease the concerns of his critics. he speaks today at the kennedy space center to outline his plan for the future of america's space exploration program. joel brown has a report from the white house. >> reporter: president obama headed to kennedy space center with new money and new plans for space exploration. some of those ideas will be a tough sell. >> this is a watershed moment for nasa. abrupt, dramatic departure from the past. >> reporter: the space shuttle program is coming to an end. the prosecution made that decision, to replace the shuttle president obama wants to tart to use private companies to flymen astronauts to and from the international space station. and he's cancelling plans to return to the moon. some former astronauts and nasa backers say the new proposal kills jobs and could end america's leadership in space. the obama administration says it actually means more new jobs and by using private companies astronauts will get more time in space, not less and the international space station will last longer. president bush had planned
teller ended up on death row in saudi arabia. >> ignition sequence start. >> time to say goodbye, nasa prepares to launch what will be one of the last space shuttle missions. it seems more fuel might have been added to the controversy surrounding the catholic church. pope benedict's personal preacher has compared criticism of the pontiff to the most shameful anti-semitism. in his sermon, rev raniero cantalamessa quoted from a letter by a jewish friend. had a vatican spokesman says that this does not represent the official position of the church. >> this is one of the catholic church is most holy days. the good friday service led by pope benedict. some feel he might have taken the moment to address the sex scandals involving priests. also the accusations that he has been party to covering them up. instead, the defense came from his personal preacher. his personal preacher quoted from a letter he received from a jewish friend equating the criticism to anti-semitism. >> i will share a part of this. he says "i am following with indignation the attacks against the church, the pope, and all
for the crew of the space shuttle "discovery." they are on their back to earth. nasa says there could be stormy weather in florida tomorrow. the astronauts may remain in orbit a day or two. poindexter says he loves spending extra time in orbit. the crew could be forced to use that backup landing site in california. >>> congress is expected to take up the d.c. voting rights bill later this week. the house will consider a version of the bill that contains a controversial gun amendment added by the senate last year. that amendment essentially removes the city's ability to neaktd its own gun laws. the battle over the gun provision stalled the bill for more than a year. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton decided last week to give up the fight. e says the gun measure was likely to pass anyway. >>> the on going battle or carry of on baggage fees. chuck schumer says five major airlines have agreed not to charge the carry on fees, american, delta, jetblue, united and us airways. the issue began earlier this month when spirit airlines announced a 45 dollar carry on fee. schumer plans to meet with spirit
to give nasa a new mission. >> by the mid 2030s, i believe we can send humans to orbit mars and return them safely to earth and a landing on mars will follow and i expect to be around to see it. >> reporter: the president laid out an ambitious agenda to explore space. he will replace the retiring space shuttle program with a system that uses private companies to fly astronauts to the international space station. he scrapped president bush's decision to return to the moon. critics say it will slash jobs at nasa and give up america's role as the leader in space. the president says it saves job and allows astronauts to spend more time in space and extends the life of the international space station. >> i believe space exploration is not a luxury, or an afterthought in america's quest for a brighter future it is an essential part of that quest. >> reporter: the president also brought nasa promises of new money. he's ready to pour billions of dollars in to research of a rocket that can go in to space. once this mission ins only three more flights remain. that means nasa will need to find a
obama said this week he's 100% committed to nasa and its future. the president plans to bump an additional $6 oninto nasa's budget, but axing plans to send people back to the moon. you can imagine that's got some people upset, including some famous astronauts. >> i think he's reinventing the wheel. he's going to try new incentives and new things that have been done and tried before, and we had a long learning curve to try to get in space. now if he thinks about, you know, commercializing going into space, he's going to have some newer people that have to redo the things all over again. >> terminating the mission to the moon is the essential part. why would we want to go back to the moon and get there 40 to 50 years after we were there before? it opens up another race, and we already won that race. >> the former astronauts including some who flew in the apollo program criticized the plan saying it reduces the usa to mea yolk cry. >> here's what you're saying. chelsea from california e-mailed us, she writes i'm a college student and right now their cutting our widely popular nu
new plan for nasa will not lead to the surrender of american space supremacy. senior correspondent brian wilson has the story from the kennedy space center in florida. >> table nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before the decade is out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. >> reporter: to the moon we went, as j.f.k. promised, not because it was easy, but because it was hard. now the space program that gave us mercury, apollo, gemini is at a crossroads. shuttle program is coming to a close. follow on constellation program that was supposed to take to us the moon and mars canceled. so today, at the kennedy space center, president obama stood before an audience wanting to hear a clearly stated vision for the future. >> what we are looking for is not continue on the same path. we want to leap into the future. we want major breakthroughs. nobody is more committed to manned space flight, human exploration of space, than i am. we have to do it in a smart way. >> reporter: to visit asteroids and eventually land on mars by 2035 or so, the presid
, the white house has proposed a budget that will force nasa to abandon its historic role in space exploration. the administration has stated its intention to terminate nasa's constellation program, our nation's flagship endeavor to return americans to the moon and beyond. after $9 billion invested over seven years, the president would leave nasa adrift and without a mission. i hope the president will announce that he has thought better of that initial decision, and this morning i'd like to take just a few minutes explaining why i think he should do so. texas is proud to be -- of our close connection with nasa's human space flight program, and we recognize how it has helped transform the greater houston area into a high-tech leader. johnson space center has helped send astronauts into space for nearly four decades. we would love for the president to visit the johnson space center and see how we have helped our astronauts complete their missions and return home safely. we remember that the region endured -- we remember that the region endured several years of challenges following the terminatio
me for that. >> next on c-span to a senate hearing on nasa's annual budget. >> now today's senate hearing on nasa's annual budget. the president has asked for $19 billion for fiscal 2011. his plan eliminates the ares rocket program and instead relies on private contract or to take astronauts to the international space station. carolyn senator, barbara mikulski chairs the senate appropriations subcommittee hearing. it's just under two hours. >> they are interested including our good senator hatch, born in damascus -- the national space agency fiscal year 2011 budget. i would like to make my opening remarks, turned to my colleague and then senator hatch to you. is that agreeable, sander? >> of course it is. >> i know judiciary hearing meeting. well, we're going to be welcoming administrator boulton. of course our colleague senator hatch and mr. john frost, a member of the nasa aerospace advisory panel who will be speaking to the committee to ensure that the matter what we decide, we assure the safety of the astronauts. the 2011 nasa budget is $19 billion, $276 million more than 20 t
to unveil his vision for the future of nasa on a visit to kennedy space center in florida. what we know is that the shuttle program ends this year, and a planned return to the moon has been scrapped. well, now in an extraordinary move, neil awm strong and two fellow apollo astronauts are calling the plan, quote, devastating, quote, to nasa and to the stature of the united states, writing, quote, without the skill and experience that actual spacecraft operation provides, the usa is far too likely to be on ab long downhill slide to mediocrity. major garrett live in washington with more on this. as not just those astronauts but at least 20 others, major, have come out and criticized the president's plan for nasa, the white house finds itself on the defensive. >> reporter: that's right. basically the astronaut count right now is 21 astronauts opposed, one, buzz aldrin, four. that's -- for. that's the current score of astronauts debating publicly where president obama is taking the nasa space mission and men from the united states. now, what's going to happen tomorrow, megyn, is a basicrical
and officials there and deliver a speech on his vision for nasa. we have begun to learn the details about some of what the president may be announcing, with you -- but so far, nothing has been suggested that alleviates the concerns that i expressed on the floor earlier this week. in fact, i am growing more concerned. i have serious questions about the administration's proposed vision. for example, the president is proposing to rely on a commercial space launch industry that is still in its infancy. once the space shuttle is retired, a commercial vehicle would be the only american human space flight capability for the foreseeable future. further, we are about to complete the international space station and begin the period of scientific research that we have been waiting for. for the past ten years, we have waited for the space station to be up and going and operable. at the same time that it is now becoming operable, we are beginning to phase out the space shuttle program, and that is the only means that we have to deliver crew and cargo to the space station. we are nowhere close to having an
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